An appliance in flames. How a crazy party resulted in our Hot Sauce T-shirt.

An appliance in flames. How a crazy party resulted in our Hot Sauce T-shirt.

The Hot Sauce T-shirt

As an ode to that wild party and a representation of what happens when you mix fun, alcohol and fire with a little bit of chaos, this t-shirt was created. Featuring a neon pink screen print design to represent the flames and a chaotic puff print of the FACE logo, this shirt encompasses streetwear in a fun and chaotic manner. 

An appliance in flames. How a crazy party resulted in our Hot Sauce T-shirt.

It all started with a New Year's Eve invitation from our close friends house party in Sydney's inner west. 20 people jam packed into an old terrace. 

As the afternoon ended, we sought out something exciting to mark the occasion. It was then that one of our friends casually mentioned the defunct state of their washing machine. A wild idea came upon us — a daring experiment to ignite the abandoned appliance and witness the spectacle it would unleash. Fuelled by a potent cocktail of alcohol, curiosity and audacity, we hauled the machine into the backyard. Gathering an assortment miscellaneous items (milk crates, pegs, plastic parts and flammable liquids) — we stuffed the machine. Holding our breath, we watched as one among us produced a lighter. At first, the fire flickered hesitantly. Then, it blazed forth with unrestrained ferocity, engulfing the washing machine into the biggest bonfire we had ever witnessed. Panic gripped us as the flames threatened to spread to a nearby tree on the brink of igniting. Frantically, we scrambled for a solution, our minds racing with visions of catastrophe. Yet, we had neglected to devise an exit strategy, as we watched the flames slowly fizzle out throughout the night. That morning, all that was left was a nothing more than a pile of ash. 

This photo was taken in memory of that night. 

How The Hot Sauce T-shirt was made

Our t-shirts are 100% cotton and are screen printed in Sydney, Australia. The base of our print is the photograph in neon pink topped with white puff print ink to create a multilayered effect. 

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